Practically every building-product application using aluminum foil is concerned with insulation of space, and/or with vapor barrier functions in a variety of situations.

Typical aluminum foil building products include wall, ceiling and floor insulation; water vapor barrier (e.g., laminations of foil/paper applied to wall surfaces, or wrapped over insulation batting around pipes or ducts carrying fluids or air); foil-backed building board; built-up siding and roofing; light and heat reflectors; heat dissipaters; and foil/fiber air duct material, where foil is applied to the outer surfaces (and sometimes also inner surfaces) of rigid fibre duct components.

The principal types of aluminum foil insulation products include foil/foam; foil/fiberboard; and foil-rock wool. These are used in nearly every part of the world in both houses and commercial buildings, as well as house trailers, trucks, busses, rail cars, boats and ships, and cold storage plants.


  • Concrete/Clay Tile Roofing
  • Metal Roofing
  • Building Wrapping
  • Boiler/Furnace/Steam/Sauna Room Insulation
  • Cold Room Insulation
  • Hot/Chilled Water or Steam Pipe
  • Thermal Tank

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