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Aeroflex - Sheet Insulation

Aeroflex - Sheet Insulation
Product Name: Aeroflex - Sheet
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AEROFLEX closed cell sheet insulation is a flexible, closed cell and lightweight elastomeric material designed for insulating liquid cooling and heating lines, and prevent condensation when used in operating temperatures down to -57 °C (- 70 °F) and insulate against heat loss up to 125° C ( 257 °F). It is an ideal insulation for frost control on cold water plumbing. It prevents heat gain and condensation problems on chilled water and refrigerant pipelines, and it also prevents heat loss from hot water plumbing, liquid, and dual temperature piping.

The closed cell structure of AEROFLEX provides many advantages over most rigid insulations for cooling and heating lines :

  • moisture & vapor resistance without using additional vapor barriers
  • stable thermal conductivity ( K. value ) during service
  • flexibility which makes installation work easy and neat
  • outstanding ultraviolet and weather resistance

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