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Brand: Aeroflex Thailand
Product Name: Aeroseal
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Aeroseal is a Modified Neoprene Contact Adhesive specially formulated for bonding Aeroflex Insulating Materials firmly together. Also, ideal for use with other materials like Metal (painted/unpaintewd,) Cork Board, Polyurethane Foam, Rigid PVC Sheet, Formica, and Melamine Board and Rubber Sheet.
The water vapor resistance and good weathering resistance of Aeroseal can prevent water or moisture from penetrating the joints.Aeroseal forms a strong, firm and permanent bonding between the applied materials providing long lasting service.
Appearance :
Black viscous liquid
Total Solids :
22 +/- 2 %
Viscosity at 25°C :
3,500 - 4,500.
Specific Gravity:
0.88 -0.90
Coverage :
130-180 Ft2/gallon adhesive both (3- 4.5 M2/litre)
Open - Time :
5-10 minutes


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