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AEROTAPE is a flexible and self-adhesive insulation foam of the same elastomeric material as AEROFLEX closed cell insulation.

Ideal for wrapping hot or cold pipings and fitting, it is energy saving and very easy to use. Excellent for preventing condensation problems, it is designed specially for retarding heat loss in hot pipings and preventing heat gain or frost formation on cold, chilled water pipings or refrigeration lines.

It adheres firmly to all metals with no problem of delamination. AEROTAPE is specially coated with selected acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive providing long service life.

Composition :
Closed cell, elastomeric thermal insulation,made of the same material as AEROFLEX
Color :
Density :
6+/- 1 pounds per cubic feet
Thermal Conductivity:
0.26 BTU. in/ft hr
Water Vapor Permeability :
0.15 Perm- inch.
Temperature range :
-20 F (-29 °C) to +200 F (+93 °C)


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