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Aeroflex - Tube Insulation

Aeroflex - Tube Insulation
Product Name: Aeroflex - Tube Insulation
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AEROFLEX tubes insulate and prevent condensation when used in operating temperatures down to -57 °C (- 70 °F) and insulate against heat loss up to 125° C ( 257 °F). It can be safely handled without causing skin irritation and health hazards. It has superior resistance to fungus growth, vermin or rodent attack, and other chemicals such as acids and alkalis. AEROFLEX is ideal for protecting piping from corrosion caused by atmospheric agents and industrial arnbience

AEROFLEX  closed cell tube insulation is easily installed to pipes or tubing. The factory-applied coating of talcum powder on the thick and smooth inner skin helps speed up preassembly lines. When applied to existing lines tubing should be slit length-wise and snapped into place. Slitting can be done on the job easily with razors, blades, knives ,or shears. Cut edges and joints can be sealed with Aeroseal Adhesive (neoprene base contact cement).

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