Foil - Bradfoil Woven

Foil - Bradfoil Woven
Product Name: Bradfoil Woven
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Bradfoil Woven is a tough flexible product with an exceptionally good surface finish. It is ideal moisture vapour barrier and necessary wherever mass insulation is used in air-conditioning system. The fire resistance and low or no smoke qualities of products in these two ranges are essential requirements in building where the safety of the public is a consideration of the design of air-conditioning system

  • heat reflectivity
  • moisture barrier
  • user friendly
  • save energy


Physical Properties:

Tensile Strength – Longitudinal              10.0 kN/m (ASTM D828)

  • Tensile Strength – Transverse                : 2.4 kN/m (ASTM D828)
  • Beach Puncture  – T.A.P.P.I. T803m      : 0.92 J
  • Water Vapour Permeance – Procedure E           < 1.13 ng/Ns (ASTM E96)
  • Edge Tear Resistance – Longitudinal     31 N (TAPPI T470-05-78)
  • Edge Tear Resistance – tRANSVERSE    89 N (TAPPI T470-05-78)
  • Class     “O”

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