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Flexible Duct (Semi Rigid)

Flexible Duct (Semi Rigid)
Product Name: Flexible Duct (Semi Rigid)
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Semi-Rigid Aluminum Duct is flexible for easy installation in limited space yet retains its shape to improve air flow. It's fire resistant and ideal for HVAC and kitchen-range hood venting. Semi-rigid duct is easily formed by hand to form bends and offsets. The cross sectional area is maintained through the bends ensuring low airflow resistance. 



  • Flexible aluminum allows easy installation in tight spaces
  • Semi-rigid design retains its shape for optimum air flow
  • Fire resistant

Available Sizes:

  •   4 inch x 6m
  •   6 inch x 6m
  •   8 inch x 6m
  • 10 inch x 6m
  • 12 inch x 6m


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