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Rockwool - Thermal Rock (Slab)
Product Name: Rockwool - Thermal Rock (Slab)
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ThermalRock S (Slab) is an insulation slab designed for general insulation purposes. It is manufactured in a wide variety of thicknesses and densities to suit most requirements, suitable for general application in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.


ThermalRock S offers a wide range of multi purpose usage in metal deck roofs, attics, ceilings, general partition application where no load-bearing insulation slabs are required. It may be used for metal stud partitions for easy installation where no sagging or slumping of the insulation product will occur.

ThermalRock S60 with black tissue facing is specially engineered for internal duct lining insulation of metal ducts and plenum chambers. ThermalRock S60 is installed in ductworks with insulation speed pins and clips. As the insulation is made from basalt stone, a volcanic rock, ThermalRock S60 does not promote any growth of fungi or release any odour after installation. The high melting point inherent of the basalt stone, gives this insulation its non-combustible properties, ensuring a fire safe ductwork system for the building and its occupants.  ThermalRock S60 is also able to achieve up to NRC 1.0 for noise absorption. For detailed NRC results in varying thickness of the product, please contact your local sales representative.

Internal duct insulation lining provides a more cost efficient method for noise control as it can reduce the requirements for silencer. It also serves to reduce heat loss or gain through the sheet metal duct surfaces as it prevents the formation of water vapour condensation both inside and on the exterior of the ductwork surfaces. 


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