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Glasswool - Ecowool

Glasswool - Ecowool
Product Name: Ecowool
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EcoWool is smaller, longer and evenly distributed glass fibres and does not give the itch & dust like most other mineral wool insulation. It is manufactured primarily from more than 80% of recycle glasses and natural polyester based binder and is free of formalin, phenol and artificial chemicals. It facilitates easy handling, transporting and lifting during installation, avoiding the risk of attaining any physical injury and improves work productivity.

It is also the best solution to reduce unwarranted loads on buildings. The ability to use a thin structure to hold the required loads will reduce efforts to support its structure and at the same time reduce the building cost. It can easily be removed and reinstalled, saving costs, energy and resources in building renovations or expansions


  • Formaldehyde free
  • Non-combustible and has excellent resistance to fire
  • Excellent resistance to the surface spread of flame and fire propagation
  • Classified “Class O” to the Building Regulations
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Does not encourage mold growth
  • Light weight – almost 50% weight reduction compare with traditional mineral wool
  • Compressed packaging – reduces transportation and storage capacity
  • Installation – convenient, easy and fast
  • Savings – lowering installation costs
  • Insulation – energy efficient, absorbs disturbing sound
  • Thermal Performance                 : ASTM C518 at 23°C and 20°C mean temperature.
  • Thermal Conductivity                 : as low as 0.0324 W/mK
  • Acoustic Performance               : Type ‘A’ Mounting, in accordance with ASTM C423
  • Applications                              : Roofing Insulation – metal deck, clay tile roofs

Fire Properties:

  • BS476: Part 4 Non-Combustibility
  • BS476: Part 6 Fire Propagation
  • BS476: Part 7 Surface Spread of Flame
  • ASTM E84
  • Fire Hazard Classification 25/50
  • Bomba Class “O”
  • AS1530: Part 3-1982

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